Herd: Islandar

Title: Lady of Herd Islandar

Family: Brother Treasure




Coral is a gorgeous water-horse mare with lovely ruby-colored scales and a silky flowing mane of the same color. She has a rather short head, a tapered body, and a wide, flimsy tail where her hind legs should be.

Along her tail, another fin sprouts from where her hindquarters would approximately be. Her eyes are lashed with heavy, black lashes, to match her eyes, which are a dark black, but that sparkle with warmth. She wears a circlet of light blue beads around her head with a large, opaque pearl upon her forehead.


Coral is a very kind, compassionate mare who is willing to help anyone, as long as their motives are pure. She is rather curious and fun-loving, and is known for abandoning her post as Lady of Herd Islandar to explore the sea.

Although she likes to cause a bit of trouble, it is never enough to cause real issues. She has never been interested in seeking out a mate or a sweetheart, she loves to spend all her time with the glimmer eels, exploring the clear Celestial Deep, not that any stallion has never shown any interest in her. She loves to dive for pearls to give as gifts to her friends, the glimmer eels.

Magical Gift

She can help humans breathe underwater when they are riding her. This ability is shown in Coral and the Pearl Diver, book 9 of the Bella Sara series. 

Magical Friends

The glimmer eels are a kind and helpful bunch, they love to help you with your honest endeavors, and are always kind unless you show selfishness or meanness. They are often found trailing behind Coral in the waters of the Celestial Deep ocean, in her quest to find pearls. They love beautiful things, and are often attracted to pearls and other jewels and will give you a favor in exchange for a precious gem or jewel.

Inspirational Message

"Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places."


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