Picture 152

Cirra, Princess of Herd Airistos

Herd: Airistos

Title: Princess of Herd Airistos

Family: Father Uranus, Mother Anemone, Brother Ebenos


Cirra is a pale cream pegasus filly with extremely large white and gold wings. Her coat is nearly the same color as her mother's - a little less pink. Her wings resemble her father's in shape, but they are more like angel wings rather than dark, imposing wings. Her wings are a buttercream white color and have gold designs trimming the sides.

She sometimes has a flower necklace made of lotuses around her neck and resting on her shoulders, and a small crown of orchids and magenta ribbon on her poll, which she will wear on special occasions. But in the photo above she simply has a small, silk magenta ribbon curled loosely around her right ear as it flutters gently in the breeze. Her mane and tail are grey, similar to the twilight sky just before the sun rises above the horizon, with quite a few curls in them also. Her head and body shape resemble Anemone's, being with a thicker-set kind of grace and a very short muzzle.


Cirra is a young, playful filly who is usually very kind, but she can have a headstrong side to her, where she will snap back. She hates being babied over, and isn't very close to anyone in her family, preferring to stick to Nike, whom she considers a friend. She is very independent and is not afraid to voice her opinion, no matter the company at hand. Unlike most only-princesses, she wants to learn how to fight, but her father is most reluctant, and her mother thinks it is highly dangerous and doesn't want her getting hurt.

Magical Gift

Cirra can fly and a soft golden glow surrounds her wings. She also seems to have a special talent at poetry.

Inspirational Message

"See the beauty inside your friends."



Cirra's Card

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