Herd: Airistos

Title: Maiden of Herd Airistos




Cindra is a black and white pinto pegasus mare; she is probably a draft horse. Her wings are white, but they sometimes appear to be rosy pink. She has quite a bit of feathering, which is snowy white like her legs. She has a broad head and a short and fuzzy multicolored mane and tail. Her wings are quite small, as is her entire body; she seems to be a mare stuck in a filly's body! Her hooves are a soft mauve.


Cindra is a very optimistic mare and loves all creatures. She is never mean or uncaring to any being because she holds firm to the belief that behind ever being you know, there is a being you don't know, one that could be having an inward battle of their own.

Cindra herself had hardships as a filly, which causes her to be shy and untrusting, though once you become her friend she will be loyal to you until the end. Being a maiden basically means she is an honorary member of the Herd Airistos royal court. Maidens have their own jobs and simply must make appearances once in a while to keep up their courtship. This suits Cindra very well as she is shy and doesn't like much attention.

Magical Gift

Cindra can fly, and has a way with all animals, being especially kind and gentle. She also loves treating ill horses, humans, or animals and is great with medical herbs.

Magical Friends

Cindra is seen in the picture above with two Flapuppies, her magical friends. The Flapuppies greatly resemble Bichon Frises except their large, flappy ears and stubby tails can be used as 'wings' - they keep the animals afloat! The Flapuppies have a kind of sparkly white dust that falls from them as they 'fly'. They are happy creatures with long, flowing white coats and gleeful expressions.

Inspirational Message

"Let hope lift up your thoughts."

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