Herd: Sunflower

Family: Mate Nanna; Filly Ceranna

IMG 0806


Ceratos is light lavender with plum spots that look like juice spills. His front legs have plum stockings, and his feathering is made of actual feathers that fade from lavender to sky to light green. He has feathers the same color on his front elbows, at the base of his tail, and behind his ears. Ceratos has purple-black hooves and sometimes wears a woven basket filled with plumberries.


Ceratos' magical friends, the bobolinks, will tell you that Ceratos is fun and an amazing friend. On the other hand, plumberry farmers will tell you that he is a big nuisance to have in the area. He and the bobolinks can often be seen feasting on the farmers' fruit and running when confronted. Ceratos enjoys the abundance of this common food wholeheartedly, and spending time with his wife and filly is the only thing that keeps him from his thievery.

Inspirational Message

"You live in a world of amazing abundance. Believe it!"

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