Herd: Sunflower

Title: Grass Sea Coach Horse

IMG 0790


Cattail is a sea-green hippocampus with a mint green fin on the end of her tail. That fin has pink decorations on it. Her mane is seaweed green with tendrils of pink running through it. She has light, long feathering the same color as her body. Her hooves are the color of her mane.


Cattail is very laid back and willing to let things flow as they will. She sometimes seems as though she doesn't have a care in the world, though she takes her role as Grass Sea Coach Horse very seriously.

Magical Gifts

Cattail can swim and breath underwater.

Bella Sara Adventures

Cattail appears in the river at the farthest left of Canter Downs. Her favorite food is cattail reeds.

Inspirational Message

"New changes will unfold if you let them."

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