Canter Farms Map

Canter Farms is the area your character begins her journey in Bella Sara Adventures.



Wings is the first character you meet in this game. His favourite food is pinwheel daisies. He teaches you how to grow plants, make dye, and take care of a horse by feeding it its favourite food.

He also teaches you how to fix the bridge to continue your journey by giving you tassel corn and making a mortar.

Cade Traveler

Cade Traveler runs the stables in Trails End.

A Pixie

A Pixie is by the well and can give you pixie dust.

Starstone Otter

This otter gives you a Starstone so you can talk to animals. She is trapped in a cage because of Ivenna's wolf, who is guarding the cage. The Starstone Otter will give you a Steak Mushroom seed to plant for the wolf.

Ivenna's Wolf

One of Ivenna's evil wolves. This wolf is guarding the Starstone Otter, but is hungry. When given a Steak Mushroom, he falls asleep and lets the key to the cage fall to the ground.


Ginger is part of the new foal adventure BSA#-FOAL-CARE given out by Bella Sara. Ginger is a palomino coloured horse who you need to take care of. She needs hay, water, an apple, her blue teddy bear, and her friend Tyler, which are all found on Canter Farms except for the apple seeds (you need to go to Bagatella Row) and Tyler (he is in Canter Downs).



Pixie Dust



Dye Machine

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Canter Farms Stable

Canter Farms Cottage

Canter Downs

Fountain Plaza