Canter Downs Map

Canter Downs is an area in Bella Sara Adventures. It has 7 NPC's, 6 Resources, and connects to 3 different places.



Deru gives you cheese and tells you how to get a magical bean from the Tassel Mouse in order to visit Overgaard Skylands.


Cabby is a yellow and dark green pegasus and her favourite food is Cocoa.

Cabby can fly you to a few different corners of the map to make traveling easier. She can fly you to Petalhome, which then gives you the four choices of Canter Downs, Darkcomb Hedge, The Trailhead, and Rose Valley.


Jordanna is a coral red and yellow waterhorse and her favourite food is rasberries.

Tassel Mouse

The Tassel Mouse will trade you a magical bean for the cheese Deru gives you.

Johan Bloom

A man who stands in the center of Canter Downs.

Grasspool Otter

An otter that sits in the south of Canter Downs by the water.


Tyri knows how to grow the magical bean the Tassel Mouse gives you. She tells you to plant it in the Sparkle Soil just north of her.



Fresh Water

Sparkle Soil

Pine Nuts


Arborium Metal

Connects to

Canter Farms

Overgaard Skylands


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