Herd: Sunflower


Cabby in Bella Sara Adventures


Cabby is a pegasus mare with a gold coat. She has sea green dapples on her hindquarters and the same color mane and tail. The undersides of her wings are a paler yellow and the tops of her wings are greyish green. She is usually seen wearing a necklace with a gold circle as a charm.

Bella Sara Adventures

Cabby exists only in Bella Sara Adventures; she does not have a card. In Bella Sara Adventures, Cabby acts as a cab or taxi for you, flying you around North of North to make traveling between places easier. She first flies you from one of her locations to Petalhome (home of Herd Sunflower), then from there will fly you to Canter DownsDarkcomb HedgeThe Trailhead, or The Rose Valley.

Her favorite food is cocoa beans.