Horse Friend

Osage is the Morning Flower Butterflies's best friend.


Osage's Butterflies


The Morning Flower Butterflies are considerably large for butterflies. Their long tongues sip nectar from lilies and other flowers. Their colors include buttercup yellow, rosy pink, aquamarine blue and pearly white. When threatened, they produce a pigment that creates flashy white spots on their wings to confuse the predator.


The Morning Flower Butterflies follow Osage on her travels. These regions often vary between high, moss filled mountain ranges, low lying fields, and phosphorent forests. Because they travel in a fairly small flock, this is easy. However, other larger flocks exist elsewhere. They originated in the Jasmine Forest, but they have spread since.


The Morning Flower butterfly species is fructivorous - it eats fruit. Its diet includes wild berries, invisiblines, and tart bobclumudgins.

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