Herd: Sunflower

Family: Mother Rosebriar; Father Beran


IMG 0794

Briar is a sweet yet sometimes overconfident colt that has fun admiring flowers and water patterns with his sisters. He is a light green unicorn with a spiky sea-green mane and a tail the same color wrapped in a shiny pale green ribbon. He has spiky sea-green feathering, and dark green hooves. His body is laced with patterns of white dots, and Briar has an image of a red rose at the top of his back right flank.

Saying: "Believing in yourself makes things go better for you."


IMG 0793

Calyx is the second-born foal of Rosebriar and Beran. She is quite stubborn, with herself and with others. Calyx enjoys playing with her friends Bluebell and Lavender, as well as teaching her younger sister about plant life. She is a light green unicorn with a bark brown mane and tail, and she has long, light feathering the same color. Calyx's hooves are dark green and she wears a silver armor plate around her neck.

Saying: "We can climb mountains together."


IMG 0795

Petal is the youngest sibling out of the three. She is a fair party planner, and always manages to get everything just right, as well as keep it a secret. Briar (being an older brother😂) sometimes teases her about being small, but she never lets it get her down. Usually, Petal will just tease him right back. She is a white regular filly with traceries of green dots on her body. Her mane and tail are silky and white, with roses woven into them. Petal has medium length, light feathering and coffee brown hooves.

Saying: "Plan a sweet surprise for someone."

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