Herd: Sunflower

Family: Mother Flora; Father Skipper


IMG 0786

Bluebell is very playful and loves to frolic in the fields where she lives. She makes many new friends, and is often seen jumping and bucking with her bluebird friends who love to weave plants into her mane. Bluebell has an indigo body with white and black patches in the shape of flowers, like her mom. Her mane and tail are light gray, and she has dark eyes, black hooves, and a snippet of pink on her muzzle. She wears a glowing blue crystal on a silver chain around her neck.

Saying: "Our friendship keeps us strong and free."

IMG 0787


Tumbleweed also loves to frolic in the fields with his jackrabbit friend, and the two of them duck, dodge, and jump obstacles together. He is very thoughtful and considers everything carefully before making a decision. Tumbleweed is mostly white with lots of small black patches. He has dark eyes, black hooves, and a very light pink muzzle.

Saying: "Changing your thoughts can change your life."

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