Herd: Elemyn

Title: Minstrelle of Herd Elemyn

Picture 254



Bells has a slightly shaggy coat which is light lavender, but turns a purplish black down on her legs and belly, along with wavy fetlocks that are a lighter shade of violet. She is also cloven hooved and has large pointed ears that curl up at the tip. She has a curly black mane and tail and a curved golden horn.


Bells is a reasonable and wise mare. She carefullty thinks out all possibilities before making an important desicion, and is seen as the mediator for Herd Elemyn. Although she is a Minstrel, other horses of low ranks (Maids, Butlers, etc.) often treat her as an advisor.

Magical Gift

She has bells tied to her mane, ears, and horn, and plays them to a magical tune. The soft, whimsical sound that comes from them can lull the royal court into a peaceful state of mind. It is often said she brings clear thinking.

Inspirational Message

"Love gives you courage."