Bella Sara is not just for the US. It was originally created in Denmark and it was first released in the Netherlands. In 2006, Bella Sara released its first US-only card pack. 2 of the 4 card packs released in 2007 went worldwide. In 2008 though, they released card packs exclusively to the US and they're still in existence now.

Bella Wise Warriors

Released in October 2006 to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland

Beige Parchment Bordered Cards

56 Cards total: 40 common cards, 10 energy cards, 5 foil cards, and 1 promo card


Please find only beige "parchment" bordered Bella Wise Warriors Cards and post them in the Gallery. Make sure they are Bella Wise Warriors Cards and don't forget to tell who they are in the description!


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