Title: Queen of the Northern Sky


The Bella Costallation: Moon and Regular


The Bella Constellation is a divine wonder, shining brightly in the shape of the High Queen herself. Surrounded by a glowing pink aura, it is unclear whether the light comes from the aurora or the constellation itself.


Once a year during a full moon, the Bella Constallation is even more beautiful and wonderful. For a single minute, an exploding star will bathe the sky in white stardust, making the constallation a gleaming blue and white. If you look closely, you may hear it whinney and see it move. Then, as quickly as it comes, the stardust will sweep away, leaving the core of the star behind as Bella's eye, watching and waiting for next year, when it will happen again.

Inspirational Message

"I shine brightly in all seasons to bring you joy and energy."