Herd: Pantheon

Title: Possibly King of Herd Pantheon

Family: Mate Athena, Filly Harmony, Colt Aegis

Picture 199



Apollo is a light caramel stallion with gold armor plating holding tufts of his mane in place as it rises outward like the rays of the sun. Around his neck he wears a gold laurel-leaf necklace. He wears gold plating inscribed with designs of lyres and many other Ancient Greek items on his head and legs. He has shimmering sunlike fetlocks that seem to make quite a statement along with his mane.


Apollo has always longed for a race around the ancient track in Herd Pantheon; as such, he seems like a very active horse.

Magical Gift

Apollo is named after the Greek God of the sun, music, and poetry: Apollo, son of Zeus and twin of Artemis.

Bella Sara Adventures

His favorite food is baobab.


Inspirational Message

"Lots of small steps make big dreams come true."