Anemone Best of Bella Sara

Anemone, Queen of Herd Airistos (and the Whiffle Bears)

Herd: Airistos

Title: Queen of Herd Airistos

Family: Mate Uranus; Colt Ebenos; Filly Cirra


Anemone is a beautiful cream pegasus mare with a coral mane and tail and swirly coral butterfly-shaped wings. Her coat is tinted with bubblegum-pink, and her mane and tail have a hint of magenta in them that match her coat perfectly. Her hair is woven with Cloud Anemones - delicate white, four-petaled flowers that grow within the clouds. It is said she got her name from the Cloud Anemones - she has the flowers beauty and grace, and that maybe one day she could fly as high as the anemones grow, if not higher. Her wings are the same color as her mane and tail, but have swirls of light pink in them as well. Anemone is largely considered one of the most beautiful mares in North of North, with only a few mares in front of her, like Snowdreamer, Coral, Magi, the Legendary Horses, and Bella herself of course.


Anemone has a personality to match her looks, her personality is just as beautiful as her coat, she is kind and honest. She's one of the happiest horses around, she gives her love to all who grace her presence, and in return receives it ten fold. She urges all around her to do the same. She is also known to be very romantic. Along with all these wonderful traits, she is great with foals, and treats all foals how they deserve to be treated, whether that be with respect and referring, or gentleness and playfulness.  

Magical Gift

She holds the power to herd the clouds with the help of the Whiffle Bears. She summons rainclouds and blocks the sun to make it cooler, and blows the clouds away to let the sun shine through. She also can give the power of love on certain occasions.

Magical Friends

Anemone's magical friends are the Whiffle Bears, cute white and purple panda-like bears with wings that match hers. They have power over the clouds and are generally kind, but sometimes they can be little troublemakers. They are very friendly and jolly creatures, and are mostly helpful. They enjoy weaving Cloud Anemones into Anemone's mane and tail. 

Inspirational Message

"Keep your heart open. Believe in getting and giving love."

Fun Fact

Anemone's name comes from the Greek word for the four winds: Anemoi. In mythological terms, the four winds (north, east, south, west) were Boreas, Notus, Eurus, and Zephyrus. Two of these names are actually horses in Herd Airistos, Notus is the Keeper of the Summer Winds, and Zephyrus, the herd Steward.