Herd: Pantheon

Family: Mate Venus, Fillies Celesta and Pirouette, Colt Cherub




Amor is a handsome white pegasus stallion with a short, matching mane and tail. His outer plumage is a ruby red, along with the numurous ribbons flowing from his mane, tail, and forelegs. Ribbons of the same red appear to be attached to the base of his tail and his green hindleg wraps. Wherever he flies, heart-shaped petals fall behind him.


Amor is a mischevious stallion who thoroughly enjoys tricking others into his spell of love. When not out doing his job, he is a dedicated husband to Venus, and he always takes some time off every day to play with his foals.

Magical Gift

As Amor is a pegasus and has wings, he can naturally fly. He also has the unique magical ability to produce attraction and repulsion to others at his will.

Inspirational Message

"Use your love to bring peace to the world."