Herd: Islandar

Family: Mother Jewel ; Father Rodin

Treasures: Binding Stone (Amia), Mirror of Wisdom (Sophie), Fireheart Sword (Valor)


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 5.35.46 PM

Amia is a beautiful blue-gray filly with a navy mane and tail. Like her mother, she has an assortment of jewels upon her forehead. Her eyes are a light emerald color, and sparkle with intelligence. She always wears her Binding Stone, which allows her to bond on a deeper level with those who promise to forever be her friend.

She is a playful, fun-loving filly who is extremely loyal to her friends, especially her bonded ones. She is the main character of Amia and the Ice Gems, one of the Bella Sara books.

Message: Your heart is my heart. Our friendship is forever.




Sophie is a black filly who appears to have constellations, or perhaps marble cracks, etched into her hair.

Message: Seeing yourself clearly is the first step towards wisdom.


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Valor is a chestnut colt with a palomino mane and tail and bright red hooves.

Message: A warm heart can give you courage when you need it most.

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