Herd: Airistos

Title: Countess of Herd Airistos

Family: Mate Rodrigo, Colt Brioso



Allegra is a bay alicorn mare. She has an extremely curly black mane and tail, held in place with two large, black ribbons. Wrapped around her horn, neck, and back legs are glassy amber ribbons, fluttering in the breeze. Her green, mothlike wings are exactly like those of her son, Brioso. They are a lime green with a few darker spots. Her horn is jagged and a vivid yellow, with a spindly quality to it. Around her neck, and reaching to her shoulders is a single silver chain with a few opals here and there. Also, along her back flank she has a spider web design of silver chains laced across her. She is very thin and small, looking as though one fall might break her. She has a dainty head and neck which are framed by her exceptionally curly mane.


Judging by her name and inspirational saying, she must be a very happy horse and is indeed. She spends all her days doing what makes her feel the best, which usually includes spending time with her mate, Rodrigo, and her playful colt, Brioso. She enjoys the liberal arts, such as dancing, painting, and instrument playing and loves to do all these things in her spare time. Being a herd Countess she is very formal, if a little absent-minded, and tries her hardest at everything she does. She is very good friends with the Herd Airistos Lady, Honora.

Magical Gift

As Allegra is an alicorn and has wings, she can naturally fly. She also seems to be quite small, almost fairy-size. She is very graceful on her feet as well.

Inspirational Message

"One special moment can fill your whole day with delight."

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