Air horses, also known as Pegasi in mythology, live in the skies of North of North.


Air Horses are split into two main groups wings or without wings. There are many different wings on the air horses. Some are feathery like a bird's, gauzy like a fairy's, leathery like a dragon's, and many more styles. Those without wings usually have magic stardust or mist that follows them around as the float through the skies. They are called windrunners. Others have the power to walk on wind, as if it was an invisible strip of land.

History of the Air Horses

Log ago when Feral, the demonic deity, chased the Caregivers to the edge of a cliff, she thought she had them cornered. If they tried to jump, they would plummet to their deaths. But Sara had a brilliant idea. With a sweep of her hand, all their horses grew wings! They jumped off the cliff with thier new air horses, flying to safety, leaving the Dark Goddess cursing behind.


These air horses generally dominate the Windhome Skylands, home of Herd Airistos; indeed, most of them belong to this herd. Some air horses look for tall trees in which to make their homes, while others roost in crevices along the high, rocky cliffs above the ocean. Some even live in houses! 


Some examples of Air Horses are:

  • Lillova is an example of a gauzy winged horse. She is all green with a few white stripes and is only the size of a mini carrot. Her friends, the Sweetpea Reindeer, are the size of peas. They carry good messages around.
  • Notos
  • Firewalker is a windwalker - a normal-looking horse with the ability to walk on air and fire. He is based on Blodughofi, a mythical and firewalking Norse steed who belonged to Freyr, the Norse god of peace and abundance. (This god is known best as the brother of Freya, the goddess of love and beauty and wife of Thor.)
  • Nyx is another example of a windwalker. She is a darkly beautiful horse with a shadowy mane. Her hooves produce jets of compressed air that swirls as her rhythmic gait carries her forward and leaves a contrail of multicolored dust in her wake. Her magical friends, the nebulaphins, swim gracefully through the sky nearby; they also leave a glittering trail. Nebulaphins are commonly known as “sky dolphins.”

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